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Preschool Bus

In August 1998 the Preschool was fortunate to receive funding from DEEWR to purchase a school bus. This bus is used for excursions and also to pick up and drop off children who don’t have access to transport on a priority or needs basis who reside in the towns 50km zone.

Country Bus

Children can travel to preschool on country buses. It is up to the parents to organise this with the bus service and the appropriate forms be completed. Bus drivers are not required to take Preschool children and are not paid for this service. Appreciation of this service should be acknowledged.

ALL children traveling by bus must have a permission note signed by their parent/guardian and the Preschool must know what day/s and which bus they will be traveling on.

To ensure the safety of your child at all times please notify Preschool if your child is NOT arriving on a Country Bus on any given day.