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What we believe: We believe that all children have the right to a high quality early childhood experience in the years prior to school.

Play Based Learning

We are passionate about learning through play; we provide open opportunities for children to explore and play and we observe, interact and extend to ensure that all children reach their full potential. We embrace the Early Years Learning Framework and believe that all children are competent learners. Preschool is a safe and accepting place for children to ‘belong’, ‘be’ and ‘become’.


We believe that open, meaningful relationships with children and their families are the basis of our program. Each child and their family will be recognised, respected and included into our preschool environment for learning. We support children’s attachment and emotional development through the implementation of “Circle of Security” principles and other strategies based on current research and theory.


Narromine Preschool offers an environment that is conducive of learning for all the children. We provide attractive open ended experiences, which enhance the curiosity and interests of each individual child and their desire to explore and make choices. We incorporate sustainable practices into our program. We instil in the children a love for our world and desire to look after it for the future.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value the uniqueness of each child and their family and the way they express their culture and values. We are an inclusive service and recognise parents as a partner and the first teacher in respect to the education of their child.


We respect and embrace all cultures represented in our preschool community, including our local Indigenous Wiradjuri culture.We aim to regularly incorporating language, stories and practices that are respectful of the Wiradjuri people and other cultures.


We embrace the Narromine community as a tool for learning, we use the services and people as a way of teaching the children where they belong, and to develop a better understanding of the community of which they live. We link in with other services in the community to enhance our preschool and the service we provide.


Narromine Preschool Educators are qualified and passionate. We believe in the rights of the children and their right to be heard. We believe that every child is equally important. We work in a supportive, collaborative and reflective environment, where all educators are valued. The preschool commits to support its educators to receive up to date training and education relevant to the early childhood years.