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Daily Routine

8:00am - 8:30am

Staff arrive and prepare for the day, children start to arrive

8:00am - 12.30 pm Country buses arrive

Outdoor & Indoor program - learning experiences through play

Outdoor & Indoor program –
Indoor- learning experiences through play- painting, craft, collage, puzzles, dramatic play, blocks, playdough, construction, fine motor activities, cutting, pre- writing area, and books.
Outdoor- Climbing, obstacle course, sandpit, digging patch, swings, trampoline, chooks and veggie garden, lovely shady, natural environment.
Progressive Morning Tea
Pack  away outside

12.30pm - 12:45pm Group Time- songs, finger plays, stories and language.
Name recognition and counting/ number games. 
12:45pm - 1:15pm Lunch Time- the children enjoy a group lunch inside or outside depending on the weather
1:15pm - 1.40pm Quiet Time- relaxation techniques, yoga, quiet stories  
1.40pm-2.40pm Indoor quiet activities- puzzles, board games, fine motor activities such as cutting, name writing, construction and drawing. 
2.40pm-3.00pm Group time- songs, dance, music including movement, IKiFit, musical instruments. Goodbye Song.  
3.00-3.30pm Goodbyes & Parent Pick up
Country Buses & Preschool Bus leave for the day. Remaining children do quiet activities such as books or puzzles.