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Valanga's Africa Performance

01 June 2018

Valanga’s Africa

Valanga is the author of the children's book "Genzani and the Tricky Baboon" and "Dumazi and the Yellow Lion". In Valanga's Africa, he introduces children to the beautiful music, stories, sounds and culture of Africa. Valanga will have everyone laughing, singing, drumming and dancing whilst providing a glimpse of traditional African culture. Some of the instruments Valanga will play include the kalimba (thumb piano), marimba (wooden xylophone), shijoro (jaw harp), stick drums and guitar.

Valanga Khoza was born in the Limpopo province of South Africa, an area rich in songs and rhythms passed down through thousands of years. Valanga has performed and charmed audiences of adults and children at selected world music events and in many schools across Australia and the Pacific.

The cost of the Performace for Friday Children is $5.00.