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Swag a Bag Performance

01 August 2017

Swag a bag full of Instruments.

For over 20 years Greg Dimmock's a Swag Full of Instruments has been enriching the programs of Early Education Centres from Cairns to Hobart and from Sydney to Adelaide.

In this 45 minute performance your children will experience:

Music from Diverse backgrounds

Exemplary musical sounds, activities and materials

Opportunities to explore sound through singing, moving, listening

Traditional children's songs, folk songs and classical music

Music from a variety of cultures, styles, and time periods

Exploring music through active involvement

Singing a variety of simple songs in various keys, meters and genres

A variety of instruments and hearing their sound source

Identity of sources of a wide variety of sounds

Movement to music of various tempos, meters, dynamics, modes, genres

An awareness of music as a part of daily life.